FranciePants are beautiful, embellished pairs of undies, made of premium 100% cotton fabric in all the places that matter, by members of local communities, offered in an extensive range of sizes that fit everyone. Sewing artists are taught time-honored skills which allow them to earn a generous wage for their work, on a flexible schedule, working as much or as little as they choose. This business model empowers people to take control of their careers and incomes in a method that enables them to balance other priorities.


100% cotton underwear is universally recommended to women by doctors for its ability to promote feminine health. Those who are prone to infections, and those who are not, all benefit from the breathability and comfort provided by cotton. Most cotton on the market is a blend, rather than 100% cotton. No synthetic blend can compete with the benefits of 100% cotton, nor can undies with a cotton crotch encased in a synthetic outer layer.
FranciePants fit all body types and sizes well, from a traditional size 00-32 and beyond. At FranciePants, we reject traditional sizing. Instead of stigmatizing labels like XS and XL, we name our sizes (Angel, Beauty, Cutie, Diva, Edgy, and Foxy.) We also have two styles, the Bikini and the Cheeky, that are ultra-low rise, which fit well and look great on pregnant bodies too.
FranciePants come in a variety of fun, exuberant, subtle, and chic prints. All FranciePants are ultra-stretchy and trimmed with beautiful stretch lace on the legs and waist, providing a custom and forgiving fit, without panty lines. Whether you prefer full bottom coverage or minimal coverage, traditional rise or low rise, there is a style option to help you look great, feel confident, express yourself, and stay healthy.

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